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Kaleiçi Yachting & Tour offers the best prices for private yachting tours in Antalya – Best Sailing Captains – Experienced Crew – Strong Reputation. We offer both private and group Antalya yachting tours and excursions on our Luxurious Yachts. All of our tours are safe, accessible, affordable and fun for everyone.

About Us

Kaleiçi Yachting & Tour

Kaleiçi Yachting & Tour brand is a corporate company located in Antalya Kaleiçi. Our company, which has a large number of yachts. It started its activities in 2000 and offers reliable and top tourism services in Antalya.

Kaleiçi Yachting & Tour has adopted the mission of providing perfect service to its guests and 100% guest satisfaction with its professional staff in four seasons, 7 days a week, and has become the brand preferred by world-famous companies to host their high-level guests.

Our yachts are located in Antalya Kaleiçi. We offer VIP services by hosting you, our valued guests, in the comfort of your home, on private yachts and in the comfort of a luxury hotel.

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Why Kaleiçi Yachting & Tour?

All legal documents of our charter yachts are complete. You can have a good time with our friendly staff. There are day and night yacht charter conditions. Food and cocktail presentations and refreshments are made on our yachts. If you want, you can bring your food and drinks by just renting a yacht.

You can reach more comprehensive information on Kaleici Yachting & Tour Whatsapp line. We offer Yacht Charter service for many of your organizations. You and our guests can enjoy the most beautiful moments on our luxury yachts in a magnificent atmosphere. The seriousness of the boat rental business is the working principle of our company.

All responsibilities of the yachts you will rent from our company belong to us. Our working system from the past to the future is based on happiness. That’s why Kaleiçi Yachting & Tour is happy to be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Yacht Tour

Antalya is like a fairytale city. Also, imagine that you are traveling to the bays with your private yacht. You can decide where and how much time you want to spend and enjoy the untouched coves that can only be visited by boat.

Swimming Tour on Yacht

One of the best ways to spend your holiday in a great way is to go on a swimming tour with a yacht. With this organization, you can discover the hidden coves of Antalya and experience swimming there.

Marriage Proposal on Yacht

We can make the most special moments of your life even more memorable for you. You will receive support from a professional team who will organize everything for you in the most perfect way while you are on your yacht tour accompanied by breathtaking views.

Breakfast & Dining on the Yacht

You can start the day with a delicious breakfast on board a luxury yacht or organize a meal. We prepare wonderful breakfast tables and meals for our guests. How about enjoying the perfect views and a great breakfast or meal at the same time?

Customer Testimonials

Outstanding service and very reasonable prices

We first got a yachting tour from Kaleici Yachting in 2015. Since then I have spent many holidays in Antalya with the same company and can only say that every time yachting with them was reason to go back. They offer an outstanding service and very reasonable prices. They are dependable and best of all they have proven themselves to be the best of friends!.

Helga Laudel / Germany
If you are thinking about using Yachting in Antalya

I could not recommend them highly enough. It could not have been a better experience the boat was great and the local knowledge of captain in Antalya meant that we visited loads of “secret” beaches which could not be reached by land. It made for an absolutely amazing experience and one that all us still talk about. If you are thinking about taking yachting tour in Antalya with a luxury yacht I could not recommend them highly enough.

David Smith / United Kingdom
There is no reason to try out any other sailing company in Antalya

Yachting in Antalya for 6 years now and we always have chartered our yachts with Tuna and I can confirm that we always were welcome more as friends than as customers!

Yachts are in great condition at any time and Tuna and his crew do all there best to make our yacht tours as comfortable as possible.

Linda Janssen / The Netharlands


Yacht charter prices vary according to the number of people, tour type, season and availability. Please contact us to get the most up-to-date tour price.

Yacht – 1

This yacht can serve up to 6 people and is a perfect option for family & friend organizations such as marriage proposal.

Yacht – 2

You can find the best yacht charter service in this yacht with its friendly staff and unique appearance. It can serve up to 10 people.

Yacht – 3

Thinking of a small party or getaway with your group of friends. This yacht has a capacity of 15 people and is in the first place for organizations.

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